Is your Biosecurity ready for Avian Influenza?

Biosecurity plays a vital role in protecting farms against disease outbreaks. With the recent surge of Avian Influenza (AI) cases across flocks in North America, the need for effective biosecurity measures has never been more evident.

Components of Effective Biosecurity
In a recent article composed by the Poultry Industry Council, three key components of biosecurity were highlighted. Isolation, Traffic Control, and Sanitation. In addition to these three components, a biosecurity program must be practical and scientifically sound.

Isolation. The containment of your flock within a controlled environment. A controlled environment is important as the AI virus is easily spread through mechanical transmission.

Traffic Control. Knowing who and what is entering and leaving your environment. Controlled access points. Visitor logs.

Sanitation. The implementation of products is effective in mitigating the risk of contagious diseases.

Diarrhea in Nursery Piglets: How to Manage it



The implementation of Stalosan®F as a part of your biosecurity measures is an effective way to mitigate the risk of Avian Influenza.

Effective. Stalosan®F’s unique, multi-action germicidal powder kills bacteria and pathogens on contact. Fine dust particles in Stalosan®F are designed to maximize surface contact, increase effectiveness, and optimize dispersion for more complete coverage.

Safe and easy to use. Stalosan®F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide that’s safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. This gives farmers flexible management options because they can apply the powder at any time and can be applied while animals are in the barn. Stalosan®F is safe to use continuously with no need to alternate products.

Research Proven. Studies have shown Stalosan®F helps significantly improve drying in the animal environment to prevent bacterial growth. It provides a high antiviral effect and kills bacteria on contact. A study conducted in 2008 conducted with Stalosan®F and the Avian Flu virus H5N1. After 8 minutes of contact with Stalosan®F, the virus was completely inactivated (see the full study in the attached Pdf.)

Diarrhea in Nursery Piglets: How to Manage it


Stalosan®F can be implemented using dry footbaths at all entry points. It can be dusted in driveways and around the perimeter of the barn so anything entering the barn is met with a barrier of protection. Additionally, the product can be applied within the barn, even while animals are present, to help kill harmful pathogens.

Diarrhea in Nursery Piglets: How to Manage it


What biosecurity measures have you implemented to protect your flock from the threat of Avian Influenza? Stalosan®F is proven effective in eliminating Avian Influenza (H5N1). It is the solution you need.

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