We believe prevention is the most effective and profitable model for raising animals

Protekta, a privately-owned corporation located in Lucknow, Ontario, has been revolutionizing the animal production industry for nearly 2 decades.

Morten Jakobsen established the company in 2003 when he moved to Canada from Denmark. Over the following years, Protekta has built a close relationship with producers across North America.

The team at Protekta is dedicated to living up to the essence of the company name. Its transformative products are specifically designed to protect animals from common stressors that impact their health.

L to R: Aaron Kaddie, Roger Smith, Lasse Jakobsen, Morten Jakobsen, Helene Jakobsen, Pam Tiffin. (Missing from photo: Rod Martin)

All of the products offered by Protekta are innovative and evidence-based solutions that are designed to prevent illness through optimal nutrition, specialty feed ingredients, and healthy environmental conditions.

Protekta is the North American partner of Vilofoss®, a leading innovator in agriculture and animal health with over a century of dedication to producers worldwide. Together, Protekta and Vilofoss are committed to supplying high-quality products that raise industry standards.

Behind each of our products is a strong team of representatives that are ready to provide service and support in your daily operation.

LASSE JAKOBSENBusiness Development and Territory Manager

Welcome Rod Martin, M.S., PAS; Dairy Nutritionist & Business Development – USA