Who is Protekta?

Protekta is a privately owned corporation located in Lucknow, Ontario (Midwestern Ontario, Canada).
Morten Jakobsen established the company in 2003 when he moved to Canada from Denmark. In the following years to come, Protekta has built a close relationship with livestock producers across North America.
The company imports and distributes a special selected group of products for the livestock production industry.
“The majority of our products are based/built on the belief that preventing is much better than treating. This is because prevention causes less stress on the animals and the farmer, while also yielding a higher return at the end of the day.
Behind each of our products is a strong team of representatives that are ready to provide service and support in your daily operation.”
Morten Jakobsen


Founder & CEO

The man who started started it all back in 2003. Since then, Morten has built a close relationship with the industry.



Product Consultant & Marketing

Lasse is responsible for tech and marketing. You will also find him out in field engaging in product education and customer relations.




Helene is a numbers person, alongside managing her own business, she assists in the office with keeping the numbers in line.

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Pam is a part of the office, she handles many of the administrative and accounting tasks.

Curious about our logo? Here’s a little insight…

As a company with Danish background, we took to our Scandinavian roots during the design process.

The front and centre of the logo features “Mjölnir” which is also known as “Thor’s Hammer”. In Norse mythology this hammer is considered to be the mightiest of all and was wielded by Thor to protect the people. The hammer overlooks the landscape in the background, which represents the animals, you the customer and the farm.

Both of these are bordered by the shield, which also symbolizes protection, along with many other things. All of these pieces together create an emblem that we today embrace as our logo.

We hope that whenever you see this logo, you are reminded of the quality and safeguard that we at Protekta Inc. strive to provide our customers with every day.

Our Core Values

Knowledge sharing

There’s a lot of information out there today, the problem is knowing where to look. We do our best to gather relative information from reliable sources and then share it with our community.

products for growth

Proper methods and products, lead to the right results. With products based on the theory of “preventing” opposed to “treating” our solutions allow for sustainable management and thereby growth. .