We believe prevention is the most effective and profitable model for raising animals

Protekta, a privately-owned corporation located in Lucknow, Ontario, has been revolutionizing the animal production industry for nearly 2 decades.

The team at Protekta is dedicated to living up to the essence of the company name. Its transformative products are specifically designed to protect animals from common stressors that impact their health.

Prevention causes less stress on the animals and the farmer, while also yielding a higher return at the end of the day.


All of the products offered by Protekta are innovative and evidence-based solutions that are designed to prevent illness through optimal nutrition, specialty feed ingredients, and healthy environmental conditions.

Protekta is the North American partner of Vilofoss®, a leading innovator in agriculture and animal health with over a century of dedication to producers worldwide. Together, Protekta and Vilofoss are committed to supplying high-quality products that raise industry standards.


Morten Jakobsen

Morten is the CEO and Founder of Protekta. Besides overseeing both the Canadian and U.S. divisions of the company, Morten also actively supports the sales and technical staff in the field.

In 2003, Morten and his family emigrated from Denmark to Canada and started Protekta Inc. Morten has worked all his life in the agriculture industry within the swine and dairy fields. Before immigrating to Canada, he started and operated several companies in Denmark that supplied new technology to livestock production.

Morten holds degrees as an agrarian economist and LD-export engineer in agriculture.

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Helene Jakobsen

Helene, with education as a shipping agent, has worked several years within accounting. Helene has worked in the agriculture business alongside her husband starting in Denmark in 1995 and then in Canada since 2003. At the beginning of Protekta’s business venture, she also operated a clothing business for 13 years. As Protekta Inc. grew and became increasingly busy, Helene closed her stores to work full time for Protekta. She manages the financials for both the Canadian and the U.S. divisions of the company.

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Lasse Jakobsen

Lasse is a Business Development and Territory Manager at Protekta Inc. His ties to the agriculture industry run deep within his family roots. Having started out helping his grandfather on the original Protekta Farms in Denmark, he’s always had a connection to animals.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Protekta, he completed a two-year business diploma at Georgian College, at which point he decided that he wanted to have some part in the agribusiness world. After that, he worked as an intern within the Vilofoss group of companies throughout Europe for one year. The experience exposed him to many different aspects of the business ranging from commodity trading to new product launches to global trade.

His day-to-day at Protekta involves several different roles as the company grows. He’s always looking for ways to optimize business operations and to exceed customer experience expectations.

Outside of work, Lasse enjoys exploring and staying active. His passion for different cultures and connecting with others takes him to many different places. His wide range of interests from economics to ancient leaders to opera, keep him occupied during his downtime.

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Aaron Kaddie

Aaron started his career with the small Canadian branch of a pharmaceutical raw material distributor based out of the United Kingdom. He held the role of Operations Manager responsible for North America. There were five employees when he started, so it was much like Protekta Inc.: small but dynamic.

During his 22-year tenure, Aaron’s position encompassed supply chain, vendor relationship development, inventory control, process implementation and improvements, as well as project management. A large part of his responsibility was handling regulatory affairs, with a focus on Health Canada requirements for controlled substances and chemicals.

After moving to Kincardine, Ontario, Aaron was offered a position with a Pharmacy in Walkerton, Ontario, where he was responsible for the operations of their CCAC home care contract in Southwest Ontario. Through his leadership, the organization was able to improve efficiencies in inventory control, documentation flow, and facilities management.

Aaron joined Protekta Inc. in September 2017 as Operations Manager. His responsibilities include supply chain management with a focus on logistics and inventory control.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys working in his garden. He also has an interest in cooking and has recently taken courses with a local chef in Kincardine.

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Rod Martin

Rod Martin is a Dairy Nutritionist and Business Development Consultant for Protekta Inc. He is responsible for providing technical training to the dairy industry’s nutrition and veterinarian community, providing on-farm technical support and North American business development.

Rod has 31 years of experience in on-farm dairy nutritional and management consulting, product development, and sales management. In addition, Rod has given presentations at numerous industry and university meetings along with writing articles for Hoard’s Dairyman and other dairy publications. Rod received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in animal science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Roger Smith

Roger has roots in mixed farming on both sides of his family. Pursuing a career in agriculture with an emphasis on livestock came naturally to him. With 30 plus years of experience in various roles of the livestock sector, including a period as a commercial lender, Roger enjoys being able to walk the barns, learning from the producers, and sharing information in return.

Roger holds an associate diploma in agriculture from the University of Guelph and learning continues to be an ongoing process. It’s a pleasure to take knowledge from other regions of the globe and share that knowledge locally, so it benefits the livestock industry as a whole. Bringing new technologies to the field that will enhance the welfare of animals, enrich the lives of producers and provide safe, nutritious food for the consumer is very rewarding.

Roger provides technical sales and service for the Protekta product line, covering all species, from Ottawa, Ontario to Victoria, British Columbia.

Roger enjoys outdoor activities and can be heard saying, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.”

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Morgan Hart

Morgan is a 2018 graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.W.), where she received her bachelor’s degree in animal science and master’s in monogastric nutrition. At a young age, she realized that she wanted to be involved in agriculture in some way. She was always finding and saving homeless animals to bring home, whether her mother approved of it or not. She spent time raising ducks and rabbits for the Fair but didn’t get involved with pigs until college.

Morgan likes to say she didn’t choose pigs. Pigs chose her. During college, Morgan spent time working for numerous university research labs that focused on using swine as a biomedical model for human disease. Her commercial swine experience consists of working at the U.W. Livestock Lab, Swine Teaching Center, and interning with Iowa Select Farms during college. After college, Morgan was a Farm Manager for a small pig operation in Wisconsin before starting her position at Protekta Inc.

Morgan grew up in southern Wisconsin, where she and her husband currently reside. Her hobbies outside of work include training and competing in triathlons, enjoying outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and dogs.

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Pam Tiffin

Pam has been with Protekta Inc. since 2013, doing all the wonderful work of bookkeeping. It has been exciting for her to see the company grow – one owner/employee and one part-time bookkeeper to eight people and one part-time bookkeeper – and become very well-known and competitive in their chosen market.

Pam is responsible for ensuring the company’s books are up to date, invoices paid, employees paid, taxes paid, and credit cards reconciled. She has been doing books for 25 years for various family-owned businesses and enjoys the tasks involved in maintaining proper financial records.

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