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Protekta exists to advance the well-being of animals, while allowing for scalability and balancing environmental impact – these factors guide our efforts and portfolio of products.

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All our products are innovative and evidence-based solutions that are designed to prevent illness through optimal nutrition, specialty feed ingredients and healthy environmental conditions.

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Our goal is to help pork, dairy, and poultry producers gain the information they need to more efficiently and productively run their operations

Is your Biosecurity ready for Avian Influenza?

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Diarrhea in Nursery Piglets: How to Manage it

A practical checklist for the successful management of diarrhea in nursing piglets. Preweaning mortality represents a cost to the swine…

Pre-weaning mortality: why is that an issue?

The contribution of Stalsoan F toward decreased per-weaning mortality and diarrhea The vigorous genetic selection for increased litter size has…



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