A perfect calcium balance at calving. Your girls deserve the best and now it’s easy to give them that.

Stalosan Hygiene Solutions
A very well documented dry disinfectant, approved by the US-EPA. The original with over 50 years of experience.

AllDry drying powder

A basic agent designed specifically for drying. Very cost competitive.


KVK Chutes
High quality hoof trimming chutes, with models designed for professional hoof trimmers and for farmers.

bovibooster hoof wash

BoviBooster Hoof Wash
An automatic high-pressure hoof wash system for maintaining healthy hooves in milking robots.

Add value to your manure! SeoFoss binds nitrogen, loosens dry/hard settled sections and much more.

bovivet hoof bandage

BoviVet Hoof Bandage
A complete bandage – ready to apply; made of a water-repelling material that keeps unwanted liquids out.

RespoSan – Breathe easy

RespoSan consists of herbal extracts that you add to the calves’ milk/feed. This combination has a unique effect in helping the calf breathe.

Occupation material for poultry. This new concept is placed in poultry flocks to help prevent feather pecking and to calm the birds.

FerkoFer oral iron

FerkoFer is an oral iron supplement in dry form for suckling piglets.