Biopect is a complementary feed for stabilization of the fluid and electrolyte balance.
•Effective in case of digestive disturbances
•Can be used preventively
•Added plant fibers that stabilize digestion
•High content of electrolytes
•Supplies easily digestible energy
•Re-establishes the intestinal microflora
•Can be used in milk


Biopect can be used during periods of digestive disturbances, regardless of whether they are caused by bacteria, viruses, or the feed.

Biopect can also be used preventively if there is a risk of digestive disturbances, eg. due to a change in diet, relocation and newly purchased animals, or other stressful situations.

Furthermore, Biopect can be used as a supplement to antibiotic treatment, where it reduces the harmful effect of the antibiotic on the intestinal microbiota and supports a rapid reconstruction of the natural intestinal microbiota.

Biopect is optimized so it can be used in milk and the nutrient supply can continue

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