Stalosan® F

Stalosan® F broad-spectrum dry disinfectant powder that suppresses the risk and spread of pathogens in swine, poultry, and dairy housing, in turn supporting animal health and welfare.

Product description

Stalosan® F is the only EPA-registered dry disinfectant powder that’s safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. Its all-natural formulation is tough on germs, eliminating 99.9% of pathogens for up to a whole week. In addition, its high concentration of antimicrobial mineral acids helps:

- Neutralize ammonia and other gases to improve air quality
- Significantly improve drying in the animal environment to prevent bacteria growth
- Lowers the pH of the environment to help prevent bacterial growth
- Kill bacteria, pathogens, fungi, viruses, parasites, and fly larvae to prevent disease
- Uses fine dust particles to maximize surface contact, increase effectiveness and optimize dispersion for complete coverage
- Absorbs up to 400% of its weight, meaning it isn’t slippery when wet

Plus, with a pH level of 3.5, Stalosan® F won’t harm eyes, lungs, or skin, unlike other drying products with high pH levels.

Stalosan® F can be used continuously with no need to alternate products due to bacterial resistance issues.

Stalosan® F can also be used as a dry disinfectant powder for boots before entering facilities to aid biosecurity efforts.


Stalosan® F is a ready-to-use powder product. Stalosan® F can be spread manually as well as by suitable blowers and powder sprinklers. It's available in an 8 kg bucket or 15 kg bag.

The application can be conducted by hand, utilizing a hand-crank spreader or duster device. When using a hand crank device, carefully deposit product from the bucket or bag into the device's hopper using a measuring cup consistent with recommended application rates. For more extensive applications, use an electric or gas-powered blower unit that has vacuum capability. Determine the amount of product needed for the application area and pour directly from the bag or bucket into a temporary storage container. Use the vacuum attachments, which come with these units to draw up material from the temporary storage container.

Dosage rates: Apply two times weekly in a dosage corresponding to 1lb/100ft2 (50g/m2). The frequency of use can be increased in case of elevated levels of ammonia and disease pressure. In addition, Stalosan F can be applied while animals are present.
- For disease prevention or maintenance: Apply at a rate of 1lb/100ft2 (50g/m2) once a week.
- Disease mitigation: Apply 1lb/100ft2 (50g/m2) 2-3 times a week for three weeks, then apply 1x a week for maintenance.


Pigs: Under the sows and where piglets are walking and sleeping, in moist places, piglets eat and drink, deep litter sections, and slatted floors.

Cows: Laying areas, especially under the udder and in moist places, in free-stall and tie-stall barns on top of the bedding, especially at the back, in deep litter sections, and the calf hutches.

Poultry: Over mats, under drinking and feeding lines, in nesting boxes, and in moist places.

Horses: In the entire horse stall paying particular attention to the edges.

Sheep: On top of the straw, especially for lambing sheep.

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Safe handling and storage

Due to the likelihood of dust in the air, use safety goggles and a dust mask when applying with blower units. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry environment.