X-Zelit® is a calcium-binding feed additive containing synthetic Zeolite. X-Zelit reduces the uptake of ration calcium causing the cow to mobilize her own calcium storage prior to calving. This helps prevent milk fever and achieves optimal transition cow maintenance.

Product description

X-Zelit® is a novel binder that naturally stimulates the cow to mobilize its own calcium reserves for effective milk fever prevention. This mode of action is much easier to effectively incorporate into transition cow management compared to a DCAD approach, which relies on an acidified diet with lower palatability to achieve prevention with lesser success.

X-Zelit® has been proven through numerous university trials, field tests, and producer experience reports to effectively and easily prevent bovine milk fever and reduce health issues in fresh dairy cows.

For feeding recommendations please speak with your farm nutritionists and reference our Quick Reference Guide below.

X-Zelit® Brochure - EN

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X-Zelit® Quick Reference Guide -EN

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X-Zelit® Safety Data Sheet - CAN

X-Zelit® Safety Data Sheet - US

Safe handling and storage

When used correctly, there is no toxicity hazard in the use of X-Zelit®. Store in a cool and dry envi­ronment. Follow label directions and rotate inventory to ensure fresh product.