PECKStone – Occupation material for poultry. - Protekta Inc

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  • Ensures.

    An active pre-occupation of the animals through wear of the PECKStone.

  • Enables.

    Enables the bird’s natural behaviour during the search for food and consumption.

  • Promotes.

    Promotes activity and mobility of the birds.

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PECKStone for layers, broilers, geese, and turkeys should be set up or hung into the stable as “changeable” manipulable material.

Behavioral abnormalities are effectively restricted and inhibited as the stone acts as a distraction device.
Simultaneously, the beaks are worn off by the PECKStone which significantly reduces the risk of injury when pecking each other.
The selected composition and structure guarantees a high level of acceptance at the animals. Likewise, the mineral block gives the animals the possibility of an individual additional intake of Ca, Mg, Na and trace elements. Thus, a healthy metabolism is supported and also the bone structure and plumage is enhanced.
The PECKStone has no negative effect on egg production for yolk colour or fattening.

How to set up, hang up & divide the pre-occupation material.

The PECKStone should be set up and stored in a covered area. The stones can be left in the bowl, plunged from the bowl and placed directly on the floor or on top of the upturned bowl.
Hanging is possible, which is especially interesting for the turkey husbandry. For this purpose, a special hanging element has been developed which is also available.
From many of our own tests and feedback from our customers, we recommend one stone for:
  • every 500 to 800 layers and turkeys
  • every 1.000 broilers

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