AX3 Digest®

Advanced Feed

AX3 Digest® feed ingredient is an advanced protein solution to help support the gut health of piglets and chicks. When included in broiler starter feed and pig starter feed, AX3 Digest® boosts protein digestibility leading to increased feed efficiency. It helps reduce health and growth challenges such as gastrointestinal tract inflammation and loose stools in these young animals.

The protein source in AX3 Digest® helps improve the absorption of amino acids, resulting in improved overall animal health during key developmental stages and greater growth potential.

Boost Feed Efficiency in Swine and Poultry

AX3 Digest® is formulated with soy meal, a protein source rich in amino acids. It belongs to the soy protein concentrates feed ingredient category.

But AX3 Digest® is not a traditional soy meal feed additive . . .

That’s because traditional soy meal can have some negative effects when fed to young piglets and poultry due to its anti-nutritional factors, or ANFs. These are substances like trypsin inhibitors, beta-conglycinin, stachyose and raffinose lectins that reduce the availability of one or more nutrients.

However, ANFs re not a concern with AX3 Digest® because ANFs are removed during processing. Other soy protein concentrates (SPCs) merely suppress ANFs.

AX3 Digest® is a highly digestible protein source that enhances feed efficiency in swine and poultry.

dietary fiber
Low level of ANFs
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Support Ideal pH to
Improve Digestion

Piglets have a higher stomach pH than adult animals due to their limited ability to produce gastric acid. Because of this high pH, proteins can’t be digested properly and, instead, can become food sources for pathogens such as E. coli. To properly digest proteins and maintain gut health, piglets must have a stomach pH of 4.0 or below.

Unlike other soy proteins on the market, AX3 Digest® has a low pH level of 4.0, resulting in a low acid binding capacity (ABC). A low ABC helps support pepsin production, which is what initiates protein digestion in the stomach. This practice may also reduce the need for the addition of dietary zinc. Zinc is a common additive to help address scours but can also neutralizes gastric acids, reducing pepsin production.

Advanced Protein Availability

Research shows that AX3 Digest® plays a significant role in enhancing feed digestibility and, ultimately, animal performance.

Studies conducted with piglets 21 days after weaning indicate AX3 Digest® is 15.6% more digestible than high protein (HP) soybean meal and 20.4% more digestible than full fat low temperate (FF LT) fishmeal.

AX3 Digest® has a high water absorption capacity, which extends how long feed remains in the stomach. The longer feed stays in the stomach, the more available time to break down protein to make it more useable for the animal, leading to increased feed conversion rates.

Incorporate AX3 Digest® in:

  • Piglet diets as labeled until they reach about 33 pounds or 15 kilograms
  • Broiler starter feed rations as labeled until day 7 to 10