Vilofoss & Dlg

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

A quote attributed to the philosopher Aristotle speaks to our synergistic partnership with Vilofoss.

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Vilofoss is a leading innovator in agriculture and animal health with over a century of dedication to producers worldwide. Vilofoss offers individual on-farm advising, aiming to optimize farmers' animal production with vitamin and mineral compounds. Their feed formulation specialists have extensive experience in formulating high-performance feed for different needs.

We are proud to say that Protekta is the North American partner of Vilofoss. Together, Protekta and Vilofoss are committed to supplying high-quality products that raise industry standards.

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DLG is the parent organization of Vilofoss. The DLG Group is one of Europe's leading agriculture and energy companies. They are a farmer-owned and founded cooperative with operations dating back to 1898.

Our partnership creates a close connection to innovation and practical farming operations. This, paired with Protekta's relationship to the Canadian and US markets, allows for unique opportunities in bringing high-value products to the industry that supports the future of agriculture.