Stalosan® F

Safe, Effective
Barn Disinfectant

Suppressing the risk and spread of pathogens in swine, poultry and dairy housing is an effective way to support animal health and welfare. Stalosan® F disinfectant powder helps maintain a clean, dry barn environment, resulting in reduced disease incidence.

Stalosan® F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide that’s safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. Its all-natural formulation is tough on germs, eliminating pathogens for up to a full week. Its high concentration of antimicrobial mineral acids helps:

  • Neutralize ammonia and other gases to improve air quality
  • Significantly improve drying in the animal environment to prevent bacteria growth
  • Lower pH to help prevent disease
  • Kill bacteria, pathogens, fungi, viruses, parasites and fly larvae to prevent disease

Plus, with a pH level of 3.5, Stalosan® F won’t harm eyes, lungs or skin, unlike other drying products with high pH levels.

Stalosan® F can be used continuously with no need to alternate products due to bacterial resistance issues.

Kill Pathogens
On Contact

Stalosan® F powder isn’t the same as simple drying agents and limestone-based products.

Stalosan® F:

  • Kills bacteria and pathogens on contact; its concentrated formula contains more than 95% active ingredients for an effective barn disinfectant
  • Absorbs up to 400% of its weight, meaning it isn’t slippery when wet
  • Uses fine dust particles to maximize surface contact, increase effectiveness and optimize dispersion for complete coverage

Stalosan® F can also be used as a dry disinfectant powder for boots before entering facilities to aid in biosecurity efforts.


In independent and university research, Stalosan® F powder has proven effective in improving animal environments by lowering ammonia emissions and preventing bacterial growth.1,2

Stalosan® F

  • Helps reduce incidences of mastitis, high somatic cell counts, hoof problems, joint infections, dermatitis and coccidiosis.3
  • Helps prevent scours and other diseases in calving pens and calf housing areas.4
  • Reduces diarrhea and pneumonia cases by more than 50% in swine operations.5,6
  • Reduces mortality rates in farrowing barns.5,6
  • Helps prevent dysentery and scours in farrowing houses and service areas.7,8
  • Kills harmful bacteria to help improve broiler performance and reduce the need for medication by as much as 40%, on average.9,10
  • Helps protect against pathogens in nesting boxes and blood mites in poultry.10,11
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