Perfect calcium balance at calving | X-Zelit

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  • Calcium balance solved.

    X-Zelit activates the cow’s natural process of mobilizing calcium, this ensures a perfect calcium balance at calving.

  • Easy to use.

    Administration is very easy (see below), there’s no need to regularly adjust rations or to monitor pH levels.

  • Ease of mind.

    Calvings are smooth, because she has access to all the calcium that she needs. This allows her muscles to function properly.

  • Nothing else.

    When using X-Zelit, no other means of prevention are necessary.

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X-Zelit is a calcium binder and it works on a very basic principle, the low calcium approach.


X-Zelit is added to the close-up ration 14 days prior to calving. During these 14 days it binds excess calcium from the ration in the small intestine of the cow. (X-Zelit can also be fed for 21 days, although only 14 days are necessary)


Since the cow can no longer absorb calcium through her diet, she begins her natural process of actively withdrawing and absorbing calcium from her bones.


When calving begins the cow’s system for controlling calcium levels is fully activated and she is able to maintain a perfect balance throughout calving and into lactation.


One of the most important factors for providing a good start to lactation, is the calcium level around calving.


Calcium levels are crucial for proper muscle function and the immune system. Therefore, all levels differing from the optimum, will impair the cows health status and productivity.