Stalosan F.

  • Biosecurity

    Stalosan F. is recognized as a Biosecurity product. It’s powerful capability of suppressing pathogens is a vital asset.

  • Safe to use.

    Effective and safe, Stalosan F. is approved for use when livestock and handlers are present.

  • Economical dosage rate.

    The product is administered at a rate of 50g/㎡ by using a blower, a spreader or by hand for smaller areas.

Product image

Stalosan F. is a Biosecurity product which is very effective when it comes to creating positive economic conditions on farm operations.

Stalosan F. creates optimal sanitary conditions while ensuring improved animal health, wellbeing and optimized feed utilization. The animal housing hygiene product has continuously been proven effective in the control of ie. bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, moisture, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

One of the many advantages of Stalosan F. is that it can be used in pens while the animals are present. It is effective almost immediately after application and for up seven days on average. There are no known negative effects from using Stalosan F.