Oral Iron supplement for piglets | FerkoFer.

  • No injections.

    FerkoFer insures the correct iron supply without the need for injections (no stress) or other supplements.

  • Simple & Practical

    The dry powder form allows for quick group treatment.

  • Natural rooting instinct.

    The dry powder form allows the piglet to regulate its iron consumption as its individual needs require.

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FerkoFer is a simple, practical, oral iron supplement in the form of a dry powder, which with a well-documented statistical certainty assures the iron supply of the piglets without iron injection or other iron supplementation.

The product contains micro-capsuled, easily absorbable iron of high biological value. The natural administration of iron in the form of a feedstuff allows for the innate rooting instinct of the piglets and makes it possible for it to regulate the iron absorption according to its individual needs at the same time as it is being prepared for the consumption of a dry feed later on.

FerkoFer is labour-saving and easy to integrate into the working processes on the farm.