Manure additive with powerful results | SeoFoss.

  • The stuff is flowing.

    SeoFoss creates a homogenous solution which allows for easier and more secure handling.

  • Binds Nitrogen.

    SeoFoss binds N (up to 1.4kg), this lowers ammonia levels in barn and creates a higher nitrogen value for your crops.

  • Binds sand.

    Due to the product’s high ion exchange, it has the power to bind sand in the manure thereby allowing the sand to be pumped out.

Product image

SeoFoss is a manure additive that works by exchanging positively and negatively charged ions. This process has several beneficial outcomes including…

The product is easy to use, the recommended (20 gr/0.70 oz per 1 cubic m/1.3 cubic yd) amount is simply added to the pit after emptying/pumping out.