KVK 800-1 fully hydraulic hoof trimming chute.

Hoof Trimming Chute Model 800-1

  • Efficient and ergonomical hoof restraint
  • Perfect hydraulic control
  • Front gate
  • Tailgate
  • Harness windlass
  • Front windlass
  • Raising the chute
  • Leg windlass
  • Adjustable hoof support plate
  • Out/In
  • Right/left

The Model 800-1 hoof trimming chute is the ideal solution, meeting the highest standards for fast and efficient hoof trimming.

On the basis of our 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of hoof trimming chutes, this product is designed to meet current and future requirements. Special attention has been paid to ensuring reliable operation and solid construction.

Model 800-1 is built to accommodate livestock weighing 200-900 kg. It is engineered to provide optimum comfort for the livestock during trimming. All of the hydraulic functions are moderated to eliminate the risk of injury/strain on the animals.

The chute is designed to provide an optimal working posture for the trimmer by means of adjustable working heights. The unit is fitted with efficient LED work lights.

The hoof trimming chute complies with the strict standards of the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

Technical data
Length x width:
Height on supporting legs:
Height on wheels:
Standing length L1:
Standing length L2:
Entrance (W x H):
Electric motor:
Model 800-1
275 x 152 cm
197 cm
249 cm
207 – 220 cm
189 cm
166 cm
84 x 162 cm
1050 kg
5,5 kW