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A preventative solution for managing hoof health in robot herds.

BoviBooster is an automatic hoof washer that washes with clean and high pressured water while the cow is still situated in the milking robot.

It’s also possible to treat the cow with a hoof care product after the washing has finished.

The system washes and sprays hoof treatment (if selected) on after the milking has been completed, without delaying the exit time from the robot.
BoviBooster is well known for having a good effect while maintaining a low water consumption.
The system can be mounted in Lely, DeLaval and GEA robots.

Hoof-Sol Bath product can be used be used as a preventative treatment in a BoviBooster. Click here to see it in action.

You can visit this page to find a video-walkthrough of programming instructions for Hoof-Sol Bath.