AllDry – a powerful drying powder for animal housing.

  • Powerful drying.

    AllDry is a drying powder that is developed specifically for drying, nothing else. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.

  • Safe.

    The product is based on “synthetic gypsum” not “recycled gypsum” this means that much less product is necessary and thereby less hydrogen sulphide is emitted from the manure.

  • Neutralizes ammonia.

    Although not as powerful as Stalosan F. – AllDry does have a neutralizing effect on ammonia due to its pH level of around 6.

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AllDry – a powerful drying powder for animal housing.


The name speaks for itself, the product is “All” about “Dry”-ing. It’s developed specifically for the purpose of drying and it does this very efficiently.

AllDry is a ready to use drying agent for use with all types livestock, wherever a drier (and thereby cleaner) surface is desired. A few examples of when/where AllDry would typically be used are:

  • on heat-pads
  • drying off piglets
  • keeping floors dry to prevent slipping
  • in dairy stalls to control moisture

AllDry is very efficient compared to other drying agents and also very competitively priced.