Vilofoss Peckstone

PECKStone™ is an all-natural, unique enrichment tool proven to encourage good pecking behavior for happier, healthier birds.

Product description


- Satisfies birds’ strong desire to forage, scratch, and peck
- Minimizes undesirable and harmful behavior, including aggression, feather
pecking and cannibalism
- Redirects aggressive pecking behavior
- Supports natural beak wear (with or without beak trimming)
- Enhances animal welfare

Use PECKStone™ during all production phases and in any poultry facility to significantly and effectively reduce feather pecking incidence.

Plus, PECKStone™ is:

- Durable yet destructible — an enticing pecking target
- Easy to use and practical for any style and size operation — simply place on litter or scratch area
- PECKStone™ is available in two hardness levels:
- Medium for use with birds with trimmed beaks
- Extra hard for durability and optimal beak conditioning

Usage recommendations:

Use from initial bird placement, or add anytime. Remove the PECKStone™ from the plastic tub. Turn the tub upside down and place it on the litter or scratch area. Place the PECKStone™ on top of the tub.
Place 1 PECKStone™ for every 500 birds.

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Safe handling and storage

Store in a cool, dry place.