Vilofoss Dialyt® Express

Dialyt® Express helps keep calf electrolytes, fluids, and energy in balance.

Product description

Dialyt® Express’ easy-to-use formula makes supporting dairy calf health efficient and effective with a:

- Ready-to-use solution that’s extremely easy to add to your feeding routine
- Premixed liquid that stays mixed; no need to deal with ingredients settling out
- Handy dosage pump, allowing for easy and precise delivery
- Easy-to-store formula. Store it right where you need it, near calves or on the milk taxi

Dialyt® Express is also labeled for use with pigs, lambs, goat kids, and foals to help stabilize their fluid and electrolyte balance.

Feeding recommendations:

Administer 60 ml Dialyt Express once or twice daily for 2-7 days.
It can be mixed into milk or water.

All animals:

Mix 60 ml Dialyt® Express in 2 liters of milk or water and administer once or twice daily for 2-7 days.

If there is a risk of digestive disorders and in periods with digestibility issues (diarrhea), it is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use or before extending the administration period.

Feeding Instructions: Feed 1-7 days.

Dialyt® Express Brochure - EN

Dialyt® Express Brochure - FR

Dialyt® Express Label

Dialyt® Express SDS

Safe handling and storage

Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Store in a dry area. Keep in tightly closed original packaging.