Cornell calcium binder study, preventing SCH.

November 7, 2017 4:41 pm
cornell calcium binder

Cornell calcium binder study.

In mid-October of 2017, Cornell University presented the preliminary results of the recently completed calcium binder study at their annual “Cornell Nutrition Conference”.

The results were conclusive and impressive, generally replicating the original studies which the University of Copenhagen showed back in 2006.

The below poster was shown for several hours one evening at the Conference and garnered a great deal of interest. Nutritionists that have been using the calcium binder “X-Zelit” for several years had their practical experiences confirmed. Additionally, for some, this was the first introduction to the method and industry peers were left with a new effective method for preventing subclinical hypocalcemia in today’s productive dairy herds.

The full-size poster can be viewed below (click to enlarge), we look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available. Be sure to contact us should there be any questions.

VILOFOSS has also blogged on the release of this poster, you can find it here.

cornell calcium binder